For Parents

How do I use apply101?

Step 1 - Create a free account with apply101.

Step 2 - Get connected with your students.

Step 3 - Use your dashboard to monitor how your student is progressing.

Step 4 - Set up custom reminders to make sure you know when your student has a deadline coming up.

Step 5 - Add custom tasks that you would like your student to complete.

How much does apply101 cost?

apply101 is 100% free for students, parents, counselors and community organizations to use as a college admissions assistance tool.

Where does the information on apply101 come from?

Every year we spend months combing through the websites of all the colleges and universities in the U.S. to gather their application requirements.

Is the information on apply101 guaranteed to be correct?

apply101 is committed to providing accurate information about application requirements. However, information does change and new requirements or deadlines are often added or removed after we gather the year's data. With this in mind we recommend that you double check the information provided by apply101, just in case.

Why don't I see anything when I log in?

In order to see information on the students you are working with you must invite them to connect.

To connect:

  1. Click the Add a Connection or Invite A Student button
  2. Enter the name and email address of the student you would like to connect with. That student will be sent an email asking them to approve the connection.
  3. Once the student has approve your connection login to your account and click on the student's name to see information about how they are progressing.

Once you are connected with a student you can see how the overall progress and can set up custom reminders to be notified when deadlines are coming up.

I have connected with my student but can't make changes or edit their account.

Student's control the level of access given to their connections. If you would like more access to their account than you currently have you can ask them to change your permissions.

The different permission types are as follows:

  • "Can view" gives your users the ability to see all of your account information and tasks. They cannot, however, make any updates or changes to your account.
  • "Can edit" gives your connections full access to your account. They can updates your tasks, create reminders and see your progress. This is the recommended setting for any students working with counselors or community programs.

How do I set up reminders?

To set up custom reminders login to your account, click on the My Accounts Tab, and select Reminders and Alerts.

Once on the Reminders and Alerts tab click on the New Reminder.

From here, you can either receive a weekly progress report or reminders when a deadline is coming up and can receive reminders either via text message (standard messaging rates apply) or via email.

You can set up as few or as many reminders as you like.